How You Can Get Involved

Whether you’re an audience member or you yourself are a performer, creative or crew member, there are many ways you can support your local industry this ACTober.

Donate to your local Benevolent Fund

Across Australia and New Zealand, the Actors’ and Entertainers’ Benevolent Funds are providing vital support to performing arts workers.

The most direct way you can support the performing arts industry this ACTober is to give to your local Benevolent Fund. Your generosity will enable your local Fund to continue to provide assistance and financial support to performing arts workers in need. Your generosity will make a difference.

Sometimes, the simplest of gestures can make the biggest of differences.

Show your support by following your local Benevolent Fund on social media, and be sure to share all things #ACTober.

This simple action will help spread the word and ensure that, across Australia and New Zealand, ACTober takes centre-stage.


This ACTober, celebrate the power and joy of storytelling and shine a light on the performing arts industry by reflecting on your favourite local performance, production or show.

We want to hear what you love about the Australian and New Zealand performing arts industry; the shows you like to watch, the theatres you like to visit. Maybe it was the first ever musical you saw, or a play you’ve always held close to your heart.

Reflect, recount and share your favourite moments and memories on social media, and be sure to use the hashtag #ACTober.

Together, we can fill social media with Australian and New Zealand creativity and showcase to the world the breadth of talent within our performing arts industry.

Get Creative

ACTober is a celebration of creativity, so this October, we’re encouraging all creatives to do what they do best and get creative!

From online concerts, to trivia nights and virtual bucket rattles, this ACTober you can support your local Benevolent Fund by hosting your own fundraiser.

Contact your local Benevolent Fund for more information.

Be Entertained

In the age of social distancing and limited capacities, the days of sitting shoulder to shoulder in a packed theatre or cinema are still a long way off. Theatres, theatre companies, productions and cinemas will continue to face the impacts of COVID-19 for many years to come. 

But as restrictions start to ease, you can help support the industry and the people within it, simply by letting yourself be entertained!

This ACTober, if your local area permits, support local and see a show. From independent and fringe through to direct-from-Broadway-blockbusters, your ticket provides opportunity and security to countless workers; not just those you see onstage, but the crew backstage, the theatre staff, ushers, admin and management.

And the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Across film and TV there are countless Australian and New Zealand programs and features to discover, as well as local cinemas to enjoy.

Be entertained this ACTober and support your local performers, creatives and crew.

To support your local Benevolent Fund, select from one of the below:

To support your local Benevolent Fund, select from one of the below:

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